A holistic approach addressing health, nutrition, education, employment and other issues with MF are needed to fight the poverty of the poor. Microcredit will function as a significant part of this comprehensive whole. Therefore, with a view to sustainable development of the poor through enhancing resources and increasing capacities of poor households towards elimination of their Poverty - ENRICH program was launched by PKSF in 2010 and PBK participated in this program in 2012.

PBK is implementing ENRICH in Mithamoin Sadar union of Mithamaoin upazila in collaboration with PKSF.

The main goal of this program is to maximize utilization of the existing resources and capacities of the poor and marginalized families for their sustainable development. With keeping this in view, several activities were implemented for both households and community levels. Health.

Health program

Health Program is organized to ensure basic healthcare services for the targeted poor. Presently, 09 health volunteers and 01 health assistant visited the targeted households of the union. Households are visited at least once a month to collect health-related information. The health assistant arranges static clinics at branch office; MBBS doctors attend these clinics. Health camps are also organized with specialist doctors. In these camps, patients with serious ailments received referral services sent to private and public hospitals and clinics. As of June 2016, PBK arranged 04 health camps of which 01 were eye camps and 01 was diabetic camp.

Education program

Education program primarily seeks to address the problem of drop-out children of primary level education. Under this program, afternoon teaching centers are established in every village of the union. Students from class one and two are attend these education centers. Most of the teachers are female with S.S.C degree are engaged to provide coaching to the weak students. These teaching centers play a crucial role through coaching as well as by monitoring with the family to send their children to the school regularly and hence, drop-out rate has decreased

Community-based development program

Under the Community-based Development Program, PBK promotes repairing or building culverts, bridges, sanitary latrines and shallow tube-wells in public places such as schools, colleges, madrashas, mosques, temples and libraries.

ENRICH Ward Committee and ENRICH Centre

ENRICH work committees and centers are established to make the development process more sustainable and fruitful by giving responsibility to the local people. A committee of 11 members are formed to oversee the activities conducted by ENRICH, their social effects and monitor their success, such as school performance, health service performance gaps and other issues and relevant observations. The members of Union Parishad of each of the Unions targeted is the president of this committee. The tenure of this committee is two years and they are expected to conduct monthly meetings and provide reports and suggested resolutions. For the establishment of this center PKSF bears a maximum of BDT 58,000.

Special savings program

Savings is one of the ways of capital formation and accelerates the paths of asset formation process of the family. Strong assets base can lift up a family from poverty level. Therefore, a special savings scheme has been designed under ENRICH. Female-headed ultra-poor households and families with disabled family members are primarily eligible for this scheme. They are advised to open a bank account and deposit money (at least Tk. 100) into it for two years. Deposits are to be made every month at the beneficiaries’ convenience. The amount saved will be matched by the PKSF, to a maximum of Taka 20,000 on the condition that the total amount will be used to acquire a physical asset (e.g. land, farm animals, etc.) or any other activities that go towards the development of the household as needed. As of June 2016, 11 members enrolled in this scheme with PBK in Mithamoin Sadar union.

Financial assistance program

There are three types of financial assistance loan provided to the enlisted beneficiaries and there are Income Generating Activities (IGA) loan, Livelihood Improvement Loan and Asset Creation loan. Under the provision of Income-Generating Activities (IGA) loan, eligible household members can take loan for more than one activity to increase their income. The highest ceiling of this loan is BDT 01 million. Livelihood Improvement Loan is made available for the purchase of different equipment related to the development of livelihood. The maximum loan ceiling for a household is BDT 10,000. Asset Creation Loan is designed to assist the household in purchasing any kind of fixed or productive assets. The highest ceiling for a household under this loan is BDT 30,000. Until June 2016, five families received the IGA loans who were literally dependent on begging. PBK motivated them to give up begging and provided milking cows and each family received cows worth one million. They are now selling milk to the local market, opened bank accounts for savings and few families invested in other IGAs too.